Riverside Boutique Resort will be happy to assist guests in arranging activities based on their interests, age and fitness level. Our goal is that they can all take home lasting memories and wonderful photos.

Three of the programs we offer are private excursions that we have designed exclusively for our guests. These programs can be customized but it is strongly recommended to book them in advance.

The other programs correspond to group activities. They range from a hot air balloon flight over Vang Vieng to a cooking class, and include kayaking, caving, hiking and cycling activities. For these programs also it is preferable to book in advance, especially during the high season.

1 – Private Tour: the Ethnic Villages and Rice Fields of Vang Vieng

This activity is for those who want to discover the ethnic diversity of Vang Vieng, meet with local people, and learn about Lao traditions, without engaging in any particular physical activity other than walking.

1 – Private Tour: The Nam Song River and Village Life in Vang Vieng

This activity is for those who want a private tour that will help them discover the different facets of Vang Vieng: its river life on a kayak, its village life and traditions, as well as its beautiful landscapes.

1 – Private Tour: Vang Vieng from Above: Its Mountains, Caves and Lagoons

This activity is for physically-fit visitors who want to enjoy the most stunning views of Vang Vieng from high up in the mountains. They will also get a chance to visit a beautiful but little-known cave as well as a lagoon.

2 – Group Activity: Cooking Class at Organic Farm

This half-day activity is for anyone who wants to discover Lao cooking and learn how Lao people use natural materials and traditional methods for growing their crops and raising their animals.

2 – Group Activity: Cycling & Caving

This day trip offers an alternative and more sportive discovery of the Vang Vieng area, a true delight for cycling enthusiasts! Ride on a mountain bikes amidst rice fields and along dirt paths before arriving in some more rugged and steep terrain where you take a short hike to visit the sacred ‘Golden Crab’ cave.

2 – Group Activity: Discover Vang Vieng

This half or full day hiking tour takes you to an amazing variety of caves in the area surrounding Vang Vieng and introduces you to the thrill of cave exploration ! Get the fantastic opportunity to meet and chat with local people and get an insight into their daily way of live. For the full day tour, paddling down the Nam Song River rounds up the day.

2 – Group Activity: Hot Air Ballon Above Vang Vieng

Soar over the majestic karts mountains of Vang Vieng! This activity takes off just before sunrise, weather permitting – it cannot operate during the monsoon season (May to Sept/October). Visitors can enjoy unique sceneries from the enchanting platform of a hot air balloon basket.

2 – Group Activity: Secret Eden Experience

The spectacular panoramic views of the Vang Vieng and its limestone peaks are legendary and often lack words to describe. This full day trekking tour leads you to some of the more remote places that even many of the locals are not aware of. Pass a hidden ‘secret valley’ as well as visiting some impressive caves along the way.

2 – Group Activity: Vang Vieng Experience

This half or one day tour combines all the activities that Vang Vieng is famous for, including kayaking on the beautiful Nam Song River surrounded with towering mountains, exploring the beautiful rural scenery and amazing limestone caves, and swimming in crystal clear spring waters.