Riverside Sala Spa

Offering spectacular views over the karst hill landscape and the surrounding scenery, Riverside Sala Spa is a world apart where guests will discover the pleasure and benefits of traditional Lao therapies, combined with modern Western techniques.

Exclusive treatments have been designed from age-old local practices and medicinal herbs, including the Riverside Signature Journey that ends with an herbal sauna session facing the mountains – An experience not to be missed, and the best way to release stress and impurities from your body.

Riverside Sala Spa promotes the use of natural herbs and treatments from Laos. While our massage oils and body lotions are high-quality products imported from Thailand, the Riverside Signature Journey as well as the Hot Herbal Lao Therapy make use of natural plants, compresses and herbal medicines made in Laos.

Massage Therapies

Hot Herbal Lao Therapy (90 mins. – Kip 400,000)

This blissful massage therapy relaxes the body and improves its circulation system. It starts with a traditional Lao massage, and continues with a herbal massage therapy. Warm pouches with assorted aromatic plants from Laos are rolled and pressed on specific areas of the body, to relax tense muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

Traditional Lao Massage (60 mins. – Kip 200,000 or 90 mins. – Kip 300,000)

This dry massage focuses on stretching the muscles and stimulating the natural energy lines of the body to reduce tension. It develops a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of general well being.

Aromatic Oil Massage (60 mins. – Kip 320,000 or 90 mins. – Kip 480,000)

This massage aims to balance the four natural elements that influence one’s body and personality: fire, air, water and earth. This is achieved through the use of natural aromatic oils, which release their therapeutic properties into the skin to create harmony and a feeling of inner peace.

Head, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (60 mins – Kip 200,000)

This soothing massage is specially designed to alleviate backache, head, and shoulder pain. It helps reduce fatigue and maintain the elasticity of muscle fibers, by stimulating blood flow and bringing oxygen to the muscles.

Foot Reflexology (60 mins. – Kip 200,000)

Experience the art of reflexology, which applies medium pressure to specific points of the feet to correct imbalances, boost one’s natural energy, and encourage beneficial circulation throughout the body.

Body Treatments

Riverside Body Scrub (60 mins. – Kip 320,000)

This treatment aims to remove dry skin, absorb impurities, and leave the skin smooth and lightly hydrated.  It uses a combination of natural products.

Sun Worshippers Relief (30 mins. – Kip 200,000)

This treatment involves a light massage with aloe vera gel, and a hydrating mini facial, to soothe the aggression of the sun on your skin.

Spa Treatment Packages

The Riverside Signature Journey (180 mins. – Kip 850,000)

This exclusive Riverside journey starts with a soothing massage that uses essential oils extracted from plants, which release their therapeutic properties into the skin. Warm pouches with assorted Lao herbs are then rolled and pressed on specific areas of the body, to relax tense muscles and stimulate blood circulation. This is followed by a traditional body scrub with Lao plants to clean up and smoothen the skin. The journey ends with a signature steam therapy. The steam is infused with an intensely fragrant mix of fresh herbs and spices prepared and placed with hot water under a small tent facing the mountains. With each deep breath, the herbs work their magic, opening up pores and cleansing lungs.

Top to Toe (90 mins. – Kip 280,000)

This relaxation package combines Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology, and Back & Shoulder Massage.

Vang Vieng Dream (135 mins. – Kip 450,000)

This package combines Foot Reflexology, traditional Lao Massage with Hot Herbal Lao therapy.

Body & Soul (120 mins. – Kip 600,000)

This package combines Aromatic Oil Massage and Body Scrub.

Vang Vieng Rejuvenation (165 mins. – Kip 670,000)

This package combines Foot Reflexology, Aromatic Oil Massage, and Body Scrub.


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10:00 AM to 9:30 PM

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